Jack is an art educator, sculptor and potter offering one of a kind artwork for the home or office, and artists’ workshops specifically designed to enhance personal creativity.

Jack was a full-time visual art instructor for 26 years. His teaching experience includes middle school, high school, community college, university and an international art institute. Early in his career, prior to full-time teaching, Jack was a production potter at the former Hearthrob Artworks in Eugene, Oregon.

In the studio Jack now focuses on limited production pottery, small scale sculptures, and one of-a-kind modular components for architectural applications.

Jack has been involved in the ceramic arts for over 40 years.

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Citizenship: United States
Languages: English, rudimentary Spanish
Disposition: adventuresome, flexible, open minded, energetic, enthusiastic, innovative, experienced
Interests: education, visual arts, exercise/fitness, outdoor pursuits, motorcycles
Military Service: US Navy, 1967-’71, Vietnam Veteran


Artist-in-Residence: Joseph Charter School, Joseph, Oregon, 2014

Artist-in-Residence: Vale School, Vale, Oregon, 2014

Artist-in-Residence: Riverside High School, Boardman, Oregon, 2013

Artist-in-Residence: Joseph Charter School, Joseph, Oregon, 2012

Artist-in-Residence: Pine Eagle Charter School, Halfway, Oregon, 2012

Drawing Instructor: Blue Mountain Community College, Enterprise, Oregon, 2011

Artist-in-Residence: Alaska State Artists-in-the-Schools Program, Delta Junction High School, 2008; St. Paul and St. George, Pribilof School Districts, 2010

Visual Arts Instructor: Duncan-Russell Continuation High School, Tracy, California, 1983-’84; Calapooia Middle School, Albany, Oregon, 1984-’90; Ashland Middle School, Ashland, Oregon, 1990-’91; Crater High School, Central Point, Oregon, 1991-2007

Advanced Placement Studio Art Instructor: Crater High School, Central Point, Oregon, 1995-2006

Adjunct Professor of Ceramics: Rogue Community College, Grants Pass, Oregon, 1998-2001; Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon, 2000-‘05

“Ceramics and Art History in Mexico” summer workshop coordinator/instructor for Southern Oregon University at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, 2001-‘02

Maestro de Ceramica: Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, summer session, 1997

Chairman, Art Curricula Design Team: Albany, Oregon School District #9, 1984-’89; Central Point, Oregon School District #6, 1993-‘99

Mentor Teacher: Central Point, Oregon School District #6 and Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon, 1996 to present.

Production Potter: Hearthrob Artworks, Eugene, Oregon, 1982-‘83


Master of Fine Arts in Ceramic Sculpture: 1998, Instituto Allende/University of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Master’s Degree in Art Education: 1989, University of Oregon, Eugene, USA

Standard K-12 Teaching Certificate: 1989, University of Oregon

Basic K-12 Teaching Certificate: 1982, University of Oregon

Bachelor’s Degree in Art: 1974, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon, USA

Advanced Placement Teacher Certificate: 1995, Advanced Placement Institute of Arizona, Tucson, USA

Significant Art Instructors With Whom I Have Worked: Peter Volkous, Paul Soldner, Jim Romberg, Harry Davis, Paulus Berensohn, Tom Coleman, Maria Popadimitro, George Kokis, Virginia Cartwright, Jack Troy.


Blue Ribbon, First Place, sculpture, Wallowa Valley Festival of Art, 2011

National Honor Roll, Outstanding American Teachers, 2005-’06, 2006-‘07

KOBI TV Channel 5, Medford, Oregon, Outstanding Teacher, 2005

Listed in “Who’s Who Among American Teachers”, 2004

Honorable Mention, International Sculpture Center, Outstanding K-12 Art Teacher Award in Sculpture, 2000

Arts Council of Southern Oregon, Annual Arts Award, Art Education Group- Central Point School District #6, for K-12 Fine Arts Curricula design, 1998

Oregon Art Education Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Art Education, 1993

Nominated for the Albany School District Distinguished Teacher Award, 1988,’89,’90

Ina McClung Art Education Scholarship, University of Oregon, 1982

Art Education Department Scholarship, University of Oregon, 1982

National Ceramic Mask Competition for the Eugene, Oregon Performing Arts Center. Mask purchased for installation, 1981

Dickey Art Scholarship, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon, 1973


Ceramics Monthly magazine, 1989
Craft Horizons
500 Vases, a Lark Books publication, 2011

If the field of artistic ceramics can be thought of as a continuum, with functional pottery at one extreme and the free exploration of clay as a means for creative self-expression on the other, then I would have to say that I work the extremes. Being the potter, one has no choice but to be a ceramic “purist”. Things simply won’t function as they should if the media are mixed; acrylic paint won’t do for the inside of bowls. However, things are different way out on the other end of the ceramic continuum. And that is the territory I have been exploring with my ceramic sculpture.

I mix a special clay with paper pulp for my sculptures, which creates a very forgiving medium, thus allowing greater articulation of conceptual content in the work. Paper collage and other materials are often applied to the clay as well. Surface coloration is achieved with the use of refractory materials, paints, wax, shoe polish, or whatever seems best to achieve the desired effects. Surface coloration often takes as much of my effort as the sculpting of the object, and is critical to the overall intended effect. In fact, I consider my current work three-dimensional painting, and refer to it as such to other artists.

An artist friend once said that she felt all artists are self-absorbed, and that all artwork can be reduced to variations of self-portraiture. Her assertion has been with me for some time now, like a tiny pebble that finds itself deep down in the boot, under the sole, and irritating as hell, but impossible to ignore or deny. I try to keep my friends notion in mind, and use it to temper the value I place upon the concepts that I explore with my artwork.

2013 Clay Invitational, Pendleton Center for the Arts, Oregon
2013 Rogue Framing and Gallery, Ashland, Oregon
2013 Clay Outside, International Juried Exhibition, Silver City, New Mexico
2012-13 The Blue Turtle Gallery, La Grande, Oregon
2012 Feats of Clay, ArtsEast Gallery, La Grande, Oregon
2010-12 LoveArt Gallery, Portland, Oregon
2011 Bohemia Gallery, Solo Show, Ashland, Oregon
2010 Wallowa Valley Festival of Art, Joseph, Oregon
2010 The Beet Gallery, Pearl District, Portland
2009 Blue Ribbon Award, Sculpture, Wallowa Valley Festival of Art, Joseph, Oregon
2008 Arts Council of Eastern Oregon, mask exhibition, La Grande, Oregon
2007 National Cup Show, University of Arkansas, Monticello
2005 Southern Oregon University Arts Faculty Biennial Exhibition
2004 Newandart Gallery, Ashland, Oregon, Art About Landscapes
2003 Cup: The Intimate Object, National Juried Exhibition, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
2003 Southern Oregon University Arts Faculty Biennial Exhibition
2003 Solo Exhibition, Southern Oregon University, Thorndike Gallery
2003 Jega Gallery, Ashland, Oregon, Juried Exhibition
2002 Cup: The intimate Object, National Juried Exhibition, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
2002 Starbucks, Ashland, Oregon, One Person Exhibition
2001 National Art Education Association Juried Exhibition
2000 Rogue Community College, Arts Faculty Exhibition
1999 Furniture- Fine, Funky, Fun, Functional Exhibition, Rogue Community College
1998 Artists in Education, Rogue Community College
1997 The Firehouse Gallery, Grants Pass, Oregon, One Person Exhibition
1997 Galleria Pergola, Instituto Allende, Mexico, Faculty Exhibition
1996 Clay on the Wall: Second National Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition
1995 Celebration of the Arts/’95, Arts in Oregon Council juried exhibition, Salem, Oregon
1995 Clay on the Wall: First National Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition
1994 The Rogue Gallery, Medford, Oregon
1993-‘94 Sunriver Annual Juried Exhibition, Sunriver, Oregon
1989 Jacobsen Gallery, Hult Performing Arts Center, Eugene, Oregon, Mayor’s Annual Juried Art Competition
1989 New Zone Gallery, Eugene, Oregon
1986 The Fifth Season Gallery, Tracy, California
1985 University of Oregon Museum of Art, Juried National Mask Exhibition
1978 Chiloquin Arts and Crafts Cooperative, Chiloquin, Oregon
1978 The Dobe Depot Gallery, Chiloquin, Oregon
1977 The Portland Zoo, Portland, Oregon
1976 The Rogue River Pottery, Rogue River, Oregon
1974 The Lithia Café, Ashland, Oregon
1974 Fantasy Fibers and Gifts, Ashland, Oregon
1974 Southern Oregon State College, Stevenson Union Gallery, Ashland, Oregon

“Jack is an excellent teacher who would do well working with students at all levels and I recommend him highly.”
Karyn Lynch, Crater High School Principal

“Without question, Jack Coelho would be an outstanding addition to the Art Department. He has proven himself to be a very capable and dedicated instructor who will be an asset to any institution for whom he teaches. Without question, he has the talent, ambition, and drive. Therefore, I recommend him without reservation whatsoever.”
Vicki T. Purslow, Ed.D., Director, Southern Oregon University, Medford Campus

“In my observation of his classroom activities, I was particularly impressed with Jack’s abilities to communicate at all student levels, and his commitment to bringing contemporary ideas and approaches to his classroom. The students really respect him as an instructor and like him as a person.”
Walter Peterson, Art Department Head, Rogue Community College

“Our Ceramics maestro took ill and was out for the duration of the course. Jack Coelho was our choice to replace him. On short notice, he assumed leadership of the Department and worked out a lesson plan for the busy summer schedule that accommodated a wide variety of needs. His technical expertise and artistic inspiration bolstered our college, winning us accolades for our choice. The Instituto Allende, and I personally, acknowledge the superior job he did for us.”
Dennis Pohl, Chair, Department of Fine Arts

“At my request, he (Jack Coelho) provided a comprehensive action plan for improving the Instituto Allende’s organizational and instructional framework.”
Rodolfo Fernandez-Martinez Harris, Executive Director, Instituto Allende, Mexico

“I sure enjoyed your work and the chance to work with you on your exhibit. Your work was greatly appreciated by all who saw it.”
Tommi Drake, Director, Wiseman and FireHouse Galleries, Grants Pass, Oregon

Student Comments:

“I really enjoyed the freedom to explore all areas of ceramics. I think the instructor was extremely helpful.”

“I thought the class and the instructor were excellent. I am a senior now and this has been by far the best class I have ever taken. Great class, great instructor!”

“Yes, I loved the class. The instructor was passionate about the subject and really enjoyed teaching the students. Both commendable attributes for a teacher.”

“I liked the exposure to other forms of ceramics I wouldn’t have otherwise forced myself to do. I love the history aspect!”

“Outstanding teacher!”

“He let one explore their own art talents or thoughts rather than forcing a certain art genre upon them.”